DealDash a great BOOM for my MEDIUM SCALE BUSINESS!!!

Router connects wide ranges but DealDash connects me to such routers. I possess  a standard business with heap of files sharing between my various branches that lies in different locations. I was using amplifier to do the task of sharing files between each branch.Amplifiers were cheap and would fit for my budget to execute my business promptly, but there were miscellaneous Hackers lies in between, spoiling the redundancy of my organization in various forms of threats. So, delivery of projects is delayed due to such issues.

Such actions resulted in transferring of clients to my competitors. This forced me to wind up my entire business but my technical heads suggested me to run the business with the highly protected scheme that indulged a lot of dollars to be spent.I was researching for a solution over the internet that could enhance many protection mechanisms for my file security. During that time I got two diamonds glittering in my eyes DealDash and Router.

MSBFirst I will say about routers, which increases the speed of signals of a network while transferring data between the various destinations. Router reduces the burden of the hacker problem too.

Now, about my cheerful topic DealDash, when I was surfing the net there was a bidding site called DealDash which had numerous loyal customers and repeated visitors. While I was collecting information about the DealDash there was good feedback through views and reviews. Maximum reviews were positive upon my hearing about the DealDash which motivated to create an account and initiate the bidding process for the wireless router and it is also branded.

I’ve sensed that the price of the router in DealDash is comparatively twice or thrice less to other online shopping. So I had an idea in participating, the auction. There were too low bidders so it doesn’t take much time to finish my bidding and add it to the dashboard. The router was delivered to my office doorstep exactly on 16th day of winning, which proved the prominent customer service of DealDash that impressed me a lot. Being a owner of an organization I know the value of customer service and how it would affect the reputation of a business. DealDash has a good customer vision, and also have a good quality that is proven by the quality of the router they provided. Router is working with a greater efficiency with a drastic speed.

So, data sharing is happening efficiently between my branches in fraction of seconds. I’m satisfied that I’m providing a good reputation to my clients. Many clients who left us by our improper data security knocking back requesting our service.

  I learned many things from DealDash like customer service, reputation, quality of product and delivery of product on time. As a business man now I’m following DealDash’s ethical strategy to acquire lifetime clients and  loyal customers. Deeds are my daily partner which gives me systemized visions over my goals and objectives. I will be at home without visiting my office but there is no day spent and would be spent without visiting DealDash.


FEATURES OF iOS7iOS7 is the latest version available in the trend.It is the excellent operating system designed by Apple followed by iOS6.It includes a redesigned user interface and number of improvements to the operating system’s functionality.The design of iOS7 mainly depends on the skeuomorphic elements.

The features of iOS7 include the control center used for scrolling up the screen from top to bottom of the screen.It provides access to the necessary settings  namely Airplane Mode,brightness and media controls.It can also provide shortcuts to several apps including a built-in-flash light and cameras.

The multitasking feature provides an interesting background which updates the apps at the same time, notifications  are given to the device.Safari and Airdrop are two other features which provides the cloud services.Camera,photos,siri,App store,Music and iTunes radio and other new trusted devices are the exclusive things in iOS7.It has a less weighted system Helvetica font and contains a totally unified text field for both URL and search.iOS7 supports the iCloud Keychain for the website login and wi-fi network passwords,credit card management and other information about the respective account. The calendar in iOS7 provides the facility of integrating mails.The reminders have the option of geo fencing.